Collaborative Conversion

Collaborative Conversion

The quality and value of your services and products is one aspect of customer satisfaction, the other being how easily and quickly customers can establish contact with you, how eel your suppliers and partners can reach you, how you maintain relationships with them and be online until their questions are answered.

When you partner with Zerone Technologies, you will be able to reach the right people at the right time on the right devices. You can eliminate waste of time caused by missed calls and physical travel. You can reach out to remote places and stay connected while travelling.


The Open Touch Suit

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Collaborative Conversion

The Open-Touch Customer Service Suite ( OTCS) is a complete and modular contact center solution. It unifies all communication media throughout the organization. It is built on an open standard based platform. It enables management of all customer related activities in a unified way, in the front office and back office. In addition, it supports multi-PBX environments. Hence it is an effective solution for companies functioning at various sites and using diverse technologies.

With OTCS, you can consistently apply business rules, monitor communication, ensure legislation compliance and reduce costs.

The Open Touch Suite is ‘complete’ because the single suite can perform all functions. OTCS can be implemented without disrupting the existing infrastructure.


Key Advantages

• Business focused for faster ROI

• Allows resources and knowledge to be reused for all interaction and media.

• Brings consistency, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction.

• Cuts down on employee training time and costs.

• Provides faster data access in real time.

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