Enterprise Voice System

Enterprise Voice Systems

With Zerone Technologies, you have the advantages of reducing communications costs and feature-rich IP Telephony solutions from Alcatel-Lucent, irrespective of the number of users. We offer an unparalleled range of deployment options with maximum safety, security and reliability. IP telephony refers to any phone system that uses an internet connection to send and receive voice data. Unlike a regular telephone that uses landlines to transmit analog signals, IP phones connect to the internet via a router and modem. The first publicly available IP phone arrived on the market as early as 1995. Zerone Technologies provides key tools that deliver critically important services thus optimizing the IP Telephony products. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise makes everything connect by delivering technologies that work for you, with cloud, network, and communications solutions.

IP Communication for Larger Enterprises

Converged communication network is a key requirement of most large and super-large enterprises. IP communication meets challenges arising from both centralized and decentralized structures. With over a decade’s experience in handling communication infrastructure for big enterprises, we provide scalable and modular enterprise telephony solutions. Our installed base consists of enterprises ranging from a few hundred to thousands of users, single to multiple locations on multiple networks. 

Medium & Small Enterprises 

While the requirements of medium and small enterprises are unique, we excel in providing the most optimal solutions to meet our clients’ unique environments. We have pioneered the multiple platforms approach to suit technology solutions needs of SMBs.

Enabling a user for Enterprise Voice leads to several benefits like associating a telephone number with a user’s account, flexibility that is not available in PBX systems, seeing visual calls and the ability to mute, transfer or end calls by just clicking a button, call forwarding etc.

Enterprise Voice System
Enterprise Voice System


• Call forwarding settings: Unanswered calls are automatically forwarded after specified time-out.

• Call delegation: Users can delegate personnel to attend calls on their behalf.

• Response Groups: Inbound calls can be directed to Agents who are part of a group.

• Call Park: The Enterprise Voice user can answer a call at one endpoint, put the call on hold, ‘park’ it temporarily, and then continue from another location.

• Private line: Having a secret number hidden from address lists and contacts, configured to ring with a different sound.

• Archiving: Call data and reports can be archived.

• Monitoring: Audio-video calls can be monitored.

• Remote access: Completely seamless and consistent user access regardless of location.

• Federation: Users can participate in video conferences, allows conducting business across organizations.

• IM connectivity: Enables users to communicate with contacts using other public IM networks like AOL, MSN and Skype.

Contact Center and Enterprise Application

In today’s competitive environment, the prime focus of Contact Centers is ensuring customers receive resolution to their queries during their first contact. From a contact center agent’s viewpoint, a fully integrated back office and multi-channel capability enables the job to be much more empowering as making intelligent choices and decisions to customers becomes easier. 

For years, we have successfully developed and deployed rich call management solutions (Voice Inbound, outbound, IVR, Web Chat, Video Chat, email, SMS, WFM etc.) that route customer interactions to the most skilled agents.

Voice Loggers

We have partnered with leading OEMs to offer voice recording solutions. The offerings include all types of call recording like Extension side (TDM & IP) and Trunk side (PSTN , ISDN & IP) and provide detailed reporting complying with the needs of any organization. 

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