Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling

Behind the complex data processing electronics that many associate with an IT network, sits a cabling system that is equally as important to performance. Zerone has built its expertise in Designing and Commissioning sophisticated, secure and robust structured cabling connectivity solutions that carry the high-speed Voice, Data and Video Traffic. Cabling Solutions offered can be broadly classified as copper systems, Fiber systems, Intelligent Infrastructure systems and Datacenter systems.

Copper Systems

Copper systems provide the IT Manager with a complete open cabling system from the point of entry, to building distribution, to floor distribution, to wiring closet, to wall outlets, and ultimately to the desk.

Fiber Systems

We offer a complete panel to panel solution, utilizing all standard connectors and cable formats to deliver a high quality reliable optical solution for your LAN. The solution includes a full range of low fire hazard, halogen free and high performance tight buffered and loose tube cables, a comprehensive range of connectors, adaptors, pigtails and patch cords.

Structured Cabling
Structured Cabling

Intelligent Infrastructure Systems

By adopting intelligent infrastructure Management tools as a key part of an IT Service Management strategy, IT Managers can create an infrastructure platform capable of addressing these problems.

The ultimate goal of structured cabling is the provision of a 100% accurate, real-time, trusted source of connectivity and asset information that can be incorporated within the core CMDB, and that can be utilized to enhance all associated IT service management tools and processes. Any physical additions or changes to the network configuration are quickly and accurately planned and executed before being automatically updated and reflected across all management processes, thereby optimizing process efficiency and aiding communication and co-ordination between work-streams.

Unauthorized events and incidents affecting the infrastructure can be instantaneously identified and forwarded to the appropriate service management tool or team for rectification. The most significant benefits of the structured cabling system may be summarized as:

  • Reduced Cost and Increased Effectiveness of IT Operations.
  • A Platform for High Availability Network Management Services.
  • Improved Customer Responsiveness.
  • Improved Information Quality.
  • Enhanced Physical Security.

Datacenter Systems

Includes High Density Copper Cabling Cabinets, High Density Distribution Equipment Racks, High Density Fiber Management Cabinets, High Density Open Entry Racks.

Our structured cabling solutions are offered with 25 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty.

We are directly Partnered with Industry-leading Manufacturers like Leviton, Schneider Etc.

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